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Play Cupid's Target at All Slots Casino and Enjoy 7X Multipliers!

The most romantic time of the year is getting closer and closer, and the casinos are all about rewarding players in this special period of the year. As valentine is approaching, great bonuses, special free gifts, and unique promotions are being offered to players. One of the most special promotions offered now on some of the top rated casinos is Cupid's Target, and you can play it as well! Whether you choose to play Cupid's Target at All Slots Casino, or at any other casino, you will be benefited with great prizes, including cash bonuses and high multipliers! Are you ready to learn everything about what's expecting you between January 31st and February 28th?

First and Foremost – Monetary Prizes!

If you are like many other players, you probably start by checking how high the monetary prizes of the promo are, and how many players can win them, once you hear a new promotion is available. Luckily, not only some very high prizes are offered to a lot of players, but they will also be divided among the gamblers four times during the promo! Yes, at the end of every round, and not at the end of the game itself!

The overall prize offered at the end of every round is no less than $25,000, and it will be divided in the following way: $5000 will be divided equally among 1000 players, resulting in a grant of $5 for each player. 250 players will enjoy an overall prize of $2,500, which will be $10 for each player. Additional 100 players will also share $2,500, and will get to enjoy a reward of $25 for each gamer. 50 players will be the winners of $50 each, and 25 gamers will have $100 each. 10 happy players will share $5000 equally, and will have a $500 grant each, and the top 5 players will also be sharing their $5000 grant, benefiting with $1000 total for each player. Do you remember this prize is granted four times during the game…? Your chances of winning these prizes have never been so high!

Okay, Seems Like It's Time to Start Playing! Tell Me How to Do That!

Starting to play is very easy. All you have to do is simply opt in. However, it is important to make sure you opt in to every round again, otherwise you won't be able to play and win the big prize at the end of the round. Opting in can be done by clicking “play now” on the promotional landing page or emails. You can also click “earn tickets now” on the promotional emails, or simply go to “my offers” section in the casino.

As previously mentioned, you can either choose to play at All Slots Casino, or All Slots Android Casino, or at any one of the other Australian mobile casinos which is hosting the promotion. First Web Casino, All Jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino all host Cupid's Target, and it is warmly suggested to check them all out.

Usually, one of the best things people benefit with when they try out the casinos is that they learn about the great offering of games, additional promotions, welcome bonuses, and many other rewards. No matter where you will end up playing Cupid's Target Promotion, you will definitely be glad in case you visited all of the casinos on the list.

So Opting In Is Enough to Be Eligible for the Prizes?

Almost. There are a few additional things you better do if you want to be eligible for the prize, and especially if you want to have high chances of winning. The most important thing for you is to win as many loyalty points as possible. Each 50 points you will acquire will grant you with a ticket to the one of the four Draw Days, in which tickets of players will be pulled, and benefits will be divided accordingly. Once you win your first 50 points you guarantee yourself a place in the draw and a chance to win a prize.

However, it is also possible to increase your chances of winning, and even to have higher chances than those of your competitors in the promo. Doing so only requires from you to win more than 50 points per round. Every additional 50 points you will win, will grant you with another ticket to the draw. Eventually, the more tickets you will have per round, the greater your chances will get to have one or some of your tickets pulled. Remember that any player can win up to one such prize per round.

Can I Start Right Now?

You can start at any given moment, once the promotion starts. Remember to start playing as early as you can, in order to give yourself a fair shot of winning many loyalty points. The dates and times of the round are:

1st round: will be lasting for a week, and taking place from January 31st, 00:01 am GMT, until February 6th, 23:59 pm GMT.

2nd round: will also be lasting for a week, and starting exactly two minutes after the first one is over. February 7th, 00:01 am GMT until February 13th, 23:59 pm GMT are the relevant dates and times you want to remember.

3rd round: will be starting at February 14th, 00:01 am GMT, and will be going on until February 20th, 23:59 pm GMT.

4th round: that is the last round, and it is best to make the highest efforts in order to win the greatest number of loyalty points and tickets this time. Who knows when will be your next opportunity to win a $25,000 shared prize? February 21st, 00:01 am GMT, until February 27th, 23:59 pm GMT are the relevant dates and times to do your very best!

Are There Any Additional Prizes I Can Win?

Yes, definitely there are, and you will probably enjoy them a lot! These are some of the most beneficial rewards offered in the casino industry these days.

Increasing Multipliers

This bonus grants players with increasing multipliers, which apply on earned tickets, in direct relation to the number of days per week they have been playing.

Players who play 3 days a week automatically enjoy the 3X multiplier which triples their tickets' count immediately. Players who won only 1 ticket by their third day will immediately enjoy 3 tickets simply by showing some presence.

The 4X multiplier works very similarly, and it quadruples the number of tickets earned by the forth day, excluding the tickets given by the casino in the 3X multiplier bonus. So, if the player in our example won another ticket during that day, he or she will enjoy a 4X multiplier, applying on his two tickets. This player will have 8 tickets in no time at all.

The additional multipliers offered in this promo are 5X, 6X and 7X, which will all be offered in direct relation to the number of days the player is at the casino and promotion.

Valentine's Weekend & the Monetary Prize

Three of the players who will be spotted playing at the casino between February 10th and February 12th will be rewarded with a $1000 cash prize...each! You can be one of them! Do your best to win!